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Posted on: 03 Nov 2016

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Tradesman-On-Call Digital Advertising Franchise

Tradesman-On-Call will soon be launching a new initiative in connecting tradesmen and their potential clients, while also benefitting stores โ€“ a marketing revolution. How? Through our innovative Digital Advertising Franchise.

This platform will enable consumers to connect with tradesmen immediately while shopping without having to scour the Internet on their phone and having to deal with unreliable directories. Best of all? They will be able to make use of this free of charge.

Stores, in turn, will be benefitting from the Tradesman-On-Call Digital Advertising Franchise by supplementing their income and offering a value-added service to their customer with no effort on their part.

Why choose Tradesman-On-Call?

  • We value and respect our customers
  • We strive for excellence
  • We build long-term relationships
  • We embrace change and the need to adapt when necessary

Looking for tradesmen in your area? Search for one from our website homepage or be on the lookout for our Digital Advertising platforms in your area! For more information or to enquire about how you can get a Tradesman-On-Call Digital Advertising Franchise in your store, contact us today!