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Trust Construction and Projects (Pty) Ltd

065 176 5876




  • Plumbing Works
  • Plumbing. Electrical
  • Sport courts and facilities
  • Tennis courts
  • Tree felling services
  • Treefelling
  • Upgrading Of Bathrooms And Kitchens
  • Wall and Floor Tiling
  • Waterproofing and roofs
  • Wooden Flooring And Carpentry Work
  • uilding and Construction

Trust construction and projects perform all phases of tennis court design, construction, resurfacing, repair, maintenance and incorporating a variety of court associated painting and lighting, fencing and steelwork. We also work on other sports surfaces courts like netball courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, running tracks, soccer fields
• Brickwork, concrete & damp proofing
• Roofing, ceiling & water proofing and dry walling
• Swimming pools building & maintenance
• Balustrades, cladding & welding
• CCTV Cameras, carports & fencing installation and air-conditioning installations and repairs
• Cupboards installation – kitchen, bedroom & bathroom
• Plumbing – geysers, toilet, shower, water pipe installation; leak detection
• Electrical – cable, wiring, light, gate motor installation; fault finding
• Aluminium doors & windows installation
Tree Felling

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