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Posted on: 04 Oct 2017

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Banking Solutions for Tradesmen

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Understanding a client’s needs properly is half the job done.

After carefully considering the particular needs of small and medium entrepreneurs in the building industry, we have put together a business banking package tailored to meet the needs of business people like you.

For example, we understand that you are the business and that time is always tight. We know that matching the timing of money in with money out (cash flow) is a constant challenge, and that losing your tools and materials could be seriously affect your ability to earn an income and meet your clients’ expectations.

That’s why we’ve designed an offering for tradesmen that covers all your banking needs – whether you are starting a new business, want to manage your established business more efficiently, or you aspire to expand your business significantly.


A Standard Bank business current account is at the heart of the finances of your business. It is the account through which you:

  • Receive payments in cash or electronically
  • Make payments in cash or electronically
  • Buy prepaid items like airtime or electricity
  • Draw and deposit cash at our large ATM network
  • Transfer funds from or to your other accounts
  • Pay individuals without bank accounts using InstantMoney

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We also offer a wide range of business credit solutions, each designed to meet a specific type of credit need:

  • Overdraft facilitieslinked to your business current account to smooth out day-to-day cash flow.
  • Revolving credit facilitiesto pay for large operational expenses like purchasing materials for a job.
  • Vehicle and asset financesolutions to pay for commercial vehicles and productive assets like machinery.
  • Term loansfor large purchases, including fixed property or partner buyouts, that can be paid off over several years.
  • Commercial credit cardsfor yourself and staff to pay for business expenses like fuel, travel, entertainment and more.


Whether you want a safe place to park some cash for a while, or you want to build up cash reserves, our savings and investment solutions put your surplus cash to work for you:

  • Demand deposit accountslet you deposit and withdraw funds whenever you want, and earn interest on surplus cash that is still always available.
  • Notice deposit accountsthat let you make additional deposits at any time, but you can only withdraw funds after giving notice. It’s a disciplined way to build a cash reserve safe from impulsive withdrawals.
  • If you have a block of funds you want to put aside for a set period then a fixed deposit is the way to earn top rates.


Your business is your livelihood and you may have invested everything you have in it. Protect your investment and your ability to earn an income with insurance for:

  • Materials or stock lost due to theft or disaster.
  • Loss of vehicles and equipment due to damage or theft.
  • Injury or illness that prevents you from working temporarily or permanently.
  • Loss of a key person in the business – if a partner or key employee cannot work due to unforeseen causes, the business cannot operate properly.
  • Credit card fraud, or business travel affected by flight cancellations or delays.


There’s nothing more rewarding than getting the job done and satisfying your customers. Well, how about earning rewards from your Bank just for running your business smartly?

With UCount Rewards for Business you earn rewards points when you:

  • Use your Standard Bank Business Credit, Cheque or Debit Card for all your business purchases, including materials, tools and more.
  • Fill up your vehicle at Caltex or book domestic flights through our travel mall to take you to your next customer.

There are a variety of products and services on which you can redeem reward points, including Business Support Services to help you run your business. These range from website design to tax assistance services and much more.

These are just some of the solutions we offer.

Visit http://www.standardbank.co.za/standardbank/Business

to see how we can help you achieve your ‘Next’.